Nora Kajdacsi

Location: United Kingdom
Phone: 07599932210

Breeze Club, Gerrards Cross

Mondays 19:30
Fridays 18:30

I was already a very enthusiastic member of my local gym when I discovered the Hour of Power class there. Immediately I was completely hooked! The class requires mental focus as it is an intensive  and well balanced format which provides a very complete and time efficient  workout.

I have always been very aware of the need for physical fitness which in conjunction with a healthy diet is, I believe, necessary to cope with today’s fast moving lifestyle.  This conviction is something  that I really want to pass on to others.

My aim is also to continue extending my own knowledge and expertise in this field and so far I love every minute of this journey and am determined to continue on this path. I look forward to teaching every Hour of Power class I do, and hopefully inspiring others with my passion.

Available to cover classes in West London and Buckinghamshire areas.